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The Faculty of Education of Charles University consists of nineteen Departments. The Social Sciences and Philosophy Department is proud to be one of them. The aim of our Department is to prepare students to be good teachers, sympathetic and intelligent critics of literature, and productive scholars. We try to continually update their subject knowledge and teaching methods through seminars, lectures, individual work, cooperative group work, projects, research papers, term papers, as well as private study and professional development activities. In studying these activities, we also try to encourage their enthusiasm for, and ability in, their chosen subject area and teaching, high-level organizational skills, work with teenage children, patience in dealing with students of differing abilities and from different cultures, acceptance of the rights and needs of all individuals etc.

Our Department offers accredited Bachelor´s, Master´s, and Doctoral/Ph.D. degrees in social sciences and philosophy. In addition to these programs, it also organizes Lifelong Learning Programs, especially U3A - the University of the Third Age in Philosophy and Education. Students can obtain accredited univeristy degrees and diplomas and after graduating they have a possibility to get into the most prestigious Ph.D. program in Philosophy in Education.

Philosophy of Education - special issues.


Leadership of the Department

Head of the Department

doc. PhDr. Nadezda Pelcova, CSc.

E-mail: nadezda.pelcova [at]

Phone: (+420) 221.900.259


Deputy Head of the Department

PhDr. Josef Stracený, CSc.

E-mail: josef.straceny [at]

Phone: (+420) 221 900 258


The Social Sciences Department is led by PhDr. Milena Ticha, CSc.

E-mail: milena.ticha [at]

Phone: (+420) 221.900.100


The Philosophy Department is led by prof. PhDr. Anna Hogenova, CSc.

E-mail: hogen [at]

Phone: (+420) 221.900.260



Subjects Taught in the Social Sciences & Philosophy Deptartment